About Shane Travis, Musician Extraordinaire

Today we are proud to feature the phenomenally talented Shane Travis, son of Rick Travis, bass guitarist and backup vocalist of Two Lane Highway

A little background:
Following elementary studies in Montessori school, Shane Travis was accepted into the Arizona School for the Arts and in his Junior year.  He then transferred to Westview High School, a standard high school, to play sports and finish his high school studies. Earning a starting position as a running back in his senior year, Westview had an undefeated season for the first time ever in the history of the school.

In 2014, Shane was one of only 33 Arizona football players/scholars that earned both awards and scholarship monies from the National Football Foundation. This was based upon strong academic record and athletic prowess. Upon graduation, Shane was in the top 2% of his class of 700+ students. 

in 2014, Shane applied and was accepted into the Arizona State University WP Carey Business School in the "Leadership Academy."  Only 10% on the students are allowed entry into this group based upon GPA scores. He is now commencing his sophomore year after making the Dean's List in his freshman year.

Tremendous Musical Talent:

Musically, Shane is a tornado!  He actually started hitting the drum skins at the age of 4.  He picked up guitar at the age of 7, piano at 12 and finally bass at 14. At the mere age of 16, he began performing professionally as a drummer/percussionist and occasional guitarist.  Shane can also read and write both drum and chart music. At the Arizona School for the Arts, Shane lead the percussion ensemble that included every imaginable percussion tool available, marimba, xylophone and tympani just to name a few.

Shane's best strength is natural lyric writing.  He is a sponge for words and rhyme, the music is secondary.  His incredibly strong memory at a very young age was an indicator that he could possess the capability to rise above.

Just last week, Shane recorded his first true professional demo "Emma."  He recorded this in six hours, easily handling  acoustic guitar, drums, keys and both lead and partial backing vocals. This demo is now posted to Soundcloud, etc.

As a writer, Shane is affiliated with BMI.  Shane Travis diligently works on new musical material every day. 

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